• Patient Approved®

    When patients want the best care, they look for Patient Approved® doctors. The Patient Approved® system helps doctors deliver high-quality health care, connect with their patients, and get found by more new patients.

  • Time Minder™

    The TimeMinder application enables you and your team to easily track the hours each individual works. The application provides traditional tracking by manually starting and stopping a timer, as well as advanced capabilities such as two-factor identity control, geofencing, network restrictions, automatic clock-out, and administrator approval of hours worked. Reporting features provide individual and group reports for any time period, time sheets, and advanced reporting including automated notifications for bookkeepers and integration with payroll processing.

  • VideoBuilder Pro

    You need videos for your business! You already know that videos are the most popular way people enjoy consuming information. And businesses that regularly post fresh content are seen as authoritative, get found more easily online, build a large subscriber base they can engage, more easily gain new clients, and generate more revenue.

  • SeatMore™

    Enable clients to book appointments based on your availability. Features include multi-provider and multi-location capabilities. All appointment slots are controlled and a unique mobile interface enables rapid scheduling. Appointments may be confirmed by administrators or schedulers and automated email and text message reminders are sent with custom messages per location. Integrate with any compliant system using Google Calendars APIs.